Monday, July 06, 2009

It's not delivery

We don't get domestic abuse. Not that we want to, because we're pretty sure that it's one of those things that we're content never really having a good understanding of. Apparently, though, we were completely off-base when it comes to items that could be used in a potential situation.

After all, we never imagined using pizza as a weapon.

That's what happened in Iowa, as a couple had a bit of an argument. Over the course of things, pizza got involved, there was choking, and the police intervened. Thankfully, the victim didn't have any serious injury.

See, this is why we're such advocates of ordering delivery. Not only does this save us the whole effort of actually having to turn the oven on and getting the pizza to cook properly, but, with delivery, you've got generally around a half-hour of time that you can use to cool off, if you're truly upset about something.

Besides, there are far better uses for food than as an assault weapon. We've got some suggestions, but they really aren't appropriate for anything family-friendly.

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