Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Officer Crow

What would be a logical thing for people celebrating a scarecrow festival to put on display, especially if they also wanted to encourage safe driving? If you said a scarecrow in a policeman's uniform, you just might be in line with a British village. If you said that the scarecrow should also have a fake radar gun, then you're definitely out of line with the local police.

The police felt that the false gun gave passing motorists the "wrong impression", and wanted it removed. In fact, it was simply that piece that was the problem, as they'd already granted permission for the scarecrow to be displayed in a police uniform. But, well, when you're celebrating your scarecrow festival, just keep in mind to not give it any accessories.

Of course, we can't really see the problem, especially with something fairly innocuous, like a radar gun. If it encourages people to drive more carefully, then more power to them. As for potential confusion, we just don't think that many people would really believe that the 7-foot tall person with hay sticking out of their neck and around their wrists was actually a real person in disguise.

Which could be good, though. Now the police in the area can finally break out their scarecrow disguise for stakeouts.

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