Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Running away with it

Boy, it seems like the 2008 election ended just yesterday. Sure, that may have something to do with the state that we live in, and the fact that they really did just finish yesterday, but we're sure that there are other factors involved. Thankfully, aside from the workings of the President, we haven't really haven't heard too much from the people vying for the top spots in the land.

That is, of course, until recently. We all remember Sarah Palin, governor of Alaska, and obvious Republican ploy to snag disenfranchised women. We saw her little feud with David Letterman, and didn't really think much of it. Now, she seems to be preparing a little "friendly" feud with the President himself.

All because she can run. In fact, she's pretty certain that, in a foot race, she would win hands down.

Well, goody for you. Nice to know that, since you and your (grand)father figure lost the election back in November, you've decided to play nice. But seriously? Who cares if you can run faster than the President? It's not like elections are decided by whichever candidate has a better spring. We don't handle our foreign policy with a 100-meter dash.

Ultimately, this strikes somewhat as another grab for fame from a woman who already has enough. After all, she is a political leader, and someone that plenty of people identified with. Sure, she may have been woefully underqualified for the position the GOP wanted to win for her, but she's still qualified enough to lead an entire state.

Besides, bragging about who can run faster is a fairly silly brag. Sure, we could mention off-handedly that we can run faster than Stephen Hawking, but that doesn't make us better.

It's our ability to out-sing him that does that.

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