Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Something's backwards

We applaud schools that apply filtering software to school computers. After all, students are prone to search for things that could have double meaning, and anything that could keep them from seeing inappropriate websites is a good move.

Of course, we didn't realize that educational sites were inappropriate, while porn was perfectly acceptable. Thanks for that lesson, Australian schools!

Sure, there's a risk involved when students are doing reports on birds. After all, there's the swallow, the tit, and the cock, and a search for any of those words could certainly lead to finding something less than avian. But it just doesn't seem write that a documentary site would be blocked, while graphic sex content was let through. Unless, of course, the documentary site was run by people like Ron Jeremy and Jenna Jameson.

On the plus side, the Australian students will definitely have an upper hand when it comes time for discussions on sex education.

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