Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Let's define "threat"

There are certain things that are almost universally considered threats. Live grenades, verbal assaults, and any rumor involving Jim Belushi and a camera should all definitely fall into that category. Of course, many people would also place a person with an axe on that list.

Especially if they're wielding it inside of a liquor store.

Whether or not the axe-wielder was a threat or not is a point of contention between his family and the local police, after an Oakland liquor store incident. The police were called to the scene by reports of belligerence, and the man brandished the weapon. To make matters worse, he refused to put the axe down when told to, instead choosing to advance towards the police. The family, on the other hand, simply say that he carried an axe as a tool for his work as a handyman, and that he never would have done exactly what surveillance cameras seem to show him doing.

Listen, if you're walking around with an axe outside of an area where axes would normally be used, you should be considered a threat. For example, picking one up from a store? Not a threat. Wandering around the fairgrounds with one? Threat. At a lumberjack competition as a competitor? Not a threat. As an audience member? Threat.

Just don't ask about taking one camping. At that point, it's anybody's guess.

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