Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Locations gone awry

We've discussed before just how important location can be. Of course, given the types of stories that we tend to find, you can guess that today is going to be yet another example of location being a key component.

Take, for example, the story of a man holding a yard sale. It's a ritual of the summer. But it isn't every day that someone decides to hold a yard sale just a few doors down from the house they robbed. Even worse, the man was selling some of the stolen items.

We'd like to imagine that the exchange was like something out of a sitcom, with the original owner seeing something of theirs, asking how much it is, the seller giving it away for free, possibly while saying something clever, and then a Benny Hill-esque chase. Of course, it was probably more like an episode of "Cops", complete with swearing and a random person flashing the camera. We just didn't think that anyone would decide to set up their resale shop just down the street from their robbery victim.

We didn't think that people would be willing to purchase a vehicle from a strip mall dealership, either. Well, maybe it wasn't really a dealership. Maybe it was more of a guy in a parking lot selling cars that he didn't even rightly own. Although, for all we know, he did own the car that he sold. He may just have gotten the license plates illegally.

And that's why location is so important. If both of these alleged criminals had chosen more wisely, they might have been in the clear longer.

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