Monday, August 17, 2009


The first time you ever saw a go-kart, did you dream about taking it off of the track, perhaps even to see how it could fare against full-size cars? Did you drool over the thought of taking it out on the freeway, or engaging in some sort of off-road race? Did you wish that they didn't strap you in quite so tightly?

Well, a couple of teenagers in Kansas lived the dream, as they proceeded to take some go-karts on a joyride.

Now this wasn't the type of wacky go-kart ride that was epitomized by a Frenchman making a live-action MarioKart game. It wasn't even the kind of experience you would expect out of an Ashton Kutcher movie. Oh, no, these kids stole the 'karts, and then took them out onto the freeway. In fact, if other motorists hadn't thought it odd that go-karts were out on the highway, they might have been able to get away with it.

But, no, freedom was not meant to be. The teens were arrested for their shenanigans, with nary a YouTube video to show for their efforts. Of course, the article felt it important to mention that the go-karts weren't damaged, and the teens weren't hurt.

Good thing they brought along extra red shells.

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