Thursday, October 08, 2009

Effective, but wrong

We were all set to look at how foolish men can truly be (or, at least, men who fill out polls on certain male-oriented websites), but, well, sometimes picking a fictional character as the most influential man just doesn't get to be the main story. Not when you've got lawyers doing some shady things in the cases that they're part of.

Specifically, for those playing at home, it's just not a good idea to specifically ask a group of gang members to show up when you're the defense attorney on a murder case. It's an even worse idea to have those gang members stand up while the witness is on the stand. As for the worst possible idea? Then looking for assurances that you won't get in trouble for your actions, since it wasn't "blatant witness intimidation".

What's even better, or worse, about this entire story? After the eight men who stood up in court were arrested due to possibly intimidating the witness, the defense attorney complained that the arrest created "chilling effect on my ability to represent my client." Look, if you think that maybe having some guys stand up, stare down a witness, and then get arrested might make it more difficult for you to keep your client out of jail, then maybe your client isn't the only one who should be getting looked at for wrong doing.

Man, Don Draper would never encourage that kind of behavior.

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