Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Fight fight fight

Sometimes, the answer is violence. Most of the time it's not. How often does violence of some sort become the wrong answer when at a football game? The answer, naturally, is when coaches get into a fist fight on the sidelines.

But why would they fight? Especially given that this was taking place during a youth football game.

It seems that some of the parents and players for one of the teams had a problem with a player for the other team. Specifically, the fact that the player was a girl.

The dust-up started because some of the parents pointed out religious beliefs that it was wrong for a boy to hit a girl. Naturally, when using religion to point out how wrong violence is, the only possible recourse is more violence. After all, it would be a shame if people decided to sit down, think about things, and actually have a discussion about what's troubling them.

After all, if we did that, we might all be playing that other game of football.

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