Wednesday, October 21, 2009

One for the road

How exactly can one display both bravery and stupidity at the same time? Well, trying to emulate a superhero might just work. Another, less spandex-clad way?

Just finish your vodka after the cops have already pulled you over for a DUI.

That's just what happened in Ohio, after a man was pulled over. Originally, he was being looked at by the police for allegedly breaking into his former girlfriend's place. He followed that with a bit of a search, having left the scene before the police got there. When they finally did catch up with him, he was quickly given a field sobriety test, proving that he was intoxicated, and therefore the police were prepared to arrest him for the DUI. They also were going to arrest him for driving with an open container of alcohol.

But, in a brilliant example of making matters worse, the man drained the rest of the vodka bottle, thereby giving himself full access to yet another charge, this time for tampering with the evidence. More impressive, he didn't drink the remainder of the liquor until after his sobriety test. Perhaps it was merely a thought of, "Well, I'm already in trouble."

At least the guy wasn't seeing Rudolph in his pork chops. Because that would be weird.

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