Monday, October 12, 2009

Sound sleep

There are many stories out there about people doing bizarre things in their sleep. From tales of people walking, to legends of people driving, all the way to sagas about people waking up in bed with strangers mid-fornication, the sleeping mind can sometimes cause the sleeping body to do a little more than expected.

But who would have guessed that one of the more amazing things that could happen to someone while they slept would be that they just remained sleeping? Of course, when you're surrounded by a house fire, not panicking is a pretty big feat.

What makes this story even more amazing is that, not only did the man sleep through the blaze, but part of the house collapsed, and the fire department was pretty sure that nobody could have survived. He was discovered after the fire was under control, during a walk through.

Admittedly, we've been prone to wanting to stay in bed when we're warm, but we're also fairly certain that, around 150 degrees or more, it should start getting too hot to sleep. Never mind about the water that had to rain down, in an attempt to put the fire out, which would have a high chances of finishing any sort of wake-up job that the heat didn't. Of course, there is the distinct lack of oxygen, that would allow a sleeping individual to remain asleep.

All told, though, it's very impressive that this man was able to survive, while his house collapsed around him. Let's just hope he doesn't decide he has super powers that need to be tested.

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