Thursday, October 15, 2009

Where did that go?

Have you ever tried to find something, and just can't seem to remember where you left it? People will always say that it's in the last place you look, but that's because it doesn't make sense to keep looking after you've found it. Still, it can be an irritating thing, especially if what you're looking for is of some importance to you.

Now the real question. Have you ever done it with a baggie full of drugs? How about one that's stuck to your forehead?

A Pennsylvania man just had that experience. Even worse, the drugs were discovered by a police officer, after the baggie had apparently fallen out of his cap. After all, what better place to hide something illegal than right in front (and slightly above) of your own eyes? If you're smoking enough marijuana, you might want to leave it there so that you can easily be reminded of where it is.

Still, there have to be smarter locations to hide your drugs. Our first suggestion, naturally, would be to not actually carry drugs with you. After all, if you really need them, do you really need to bring them everywhere? It might not be convenient to leave them at home, but it might be wiser in the long run. If that fails, we're pretty sure that there's a tremendous invention called the "pocket" that some of these drug users could look into. It might be a bit safer of a location.

Although we suddenly understand the hipster fascination with trucker hats now.

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