Friday, April 28, 2006

Let's get it on

Recent news is now coming out that a handful of our elected officials are involved in a possible prostitution scandal. Apparently, they were tired of just screwing over their constituents, and wanted to get some actual screwing done. And they sold their favors for votes.

Seriously? Trading votes for sex?

Hell, if I'd known that it was that easy to lobby for your views, I'd drive myself down to Capitol Hill now, with a bevy of ladies who aren't very discriminatory, and I would make a strong effort to get some societal change within the hallowed halls of government. If I thought it'd change the voting patterns, I'd even offer myself up to Hillary herself.

Check that. There are some levels that no man should step to.

See, now, prostitution in and of itself isn't really that bad of a thing. It's part of the free market, and it's capitalistic. After all, it's people (generally women) exchanging services for money. And what better service can someone give than providing orgasms to others? To quote George Carlin, "Selling is legal; fucking is legal. Why isn't selling fucking legal?"

Maybe that's the catch right there. Maybe these proprietors of the world's oldest profession were simply trying to garner enough votes to get laws against their job revoked.

Or maybe most of our elected officials can only get some by paying for it with whatever they used to call their dignity and their will.

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