Monday, April 24, 2006

State of Horror

Took the opportunity over the past weekend to take in "Silent Hill". Given how disappointing the majority of recent horror films have been as of late, and the concern over seeing a movie that wasn't slated for prescreening by critics, there was definitely a bit of apprehension going into it.

Thankfully, all that fear was for naught, because the movie does quite well exactly what it aims to do; recreate some of the more disturbing elements of one of the creepiest video game series yet to launch on American soil. The fact that CGI is sparsely used also helps round out the film, and made it much more enjoyable to watch. A very refreshing change of pace after the absolute garbage that "Stay Alive" was (come on, Malcom in the Middle survives a horror movie??), nevermind the disappointment of films like "Hostel" or "Wolf Creek". This also means that "Silent Hill" is one of the few decent video game adaptations.

Which brings me to my real point. Why the hell do people continue to let Uwe "Making Ed Wood look like Martin Scorcese" Boll direct? Or come within sniffing distance of a project? The man can single-handedly take something that was a relatively decent concept for a game, assemble a cast that should be at least enjoyable, and turn it into piles of flaming garbage. And, with a recent check on IMDB, the man is currently working on FOUR new pictures. Even Roger Corman shakes his head in disbelief at the crap Boll continues to churn out.

But rest easy. One of Boll's upcoming films, a translation of "Postal", appears to be in good hands. After all, of the two people attached to the film, one of them is Gary Coleman. Maybe Uwe Boll is what Willis was talking about.

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