Wednesday, August 05, 2009


For a number of people, the faith and beliefs instilled in them as children may shift over time, causing them to change from one religion to another. Sometimes, it's a minor shift, moving ever so slightly to very similar religions, such as becoming Catholic after having been raised Lutheran. Sometimes, it's a more extreme move, like a Buddhist becoming Jewish. And sometimes, the decision is made to eschew religion altogether, and become atheist.

However, if you're eschewing religion, maybe you should avoid the trappings of ritual tied to religion as well. That means no "de-baptizing". And definitely no "de-sacrament".

Look, we understand. We're not the most religious people ourselves. We can definitely see where the lack of ritual can be a comforting thing for people who felt smothered by an excess within their various systems of faith. And while plenty of other things done over the course of a life can involve some sort of negation, we don't think that the rituals performed by any religion qualify. Not because of any sort of power, or because of fear of reprisal from either side.

Simply put, we really feel that, by enacting a ritual meant to negate, or worse, mock, an existing ritual of a church, you aren't really stepping free of the ties that you were looking to escape. If you claim atheism, shouldn't you be avoiding the trappings of the religions that you are standing outside of? Isn't a "de-baptism" just as full of ritual and pomp as a baptism, and isn't part of atheism contingent on rejecting the ritual and pomp of religion?

What's next? The "Secular Ghostbuster"?

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