Monday, August 10, 2009

Language barrier

Like it or not, America is becoming a country where speaking Spanish is almost as important as speaking English. While we haven't reached the type of blend that Quebec, Canada has with regards to French, there are definitely many places where a good working understanding of the Spanish language can help smooth things over.

We just didn't expect to see that importance underscored for criminals, as well.

A would-be robber in Florida attempted to rob a church while the faithful were gathered for service. The problem? He attempted to rob them in English, and they were a Spanish-speaking congregation. While there were definitely parishioners who understood him, we'd certainly like to think that one of the things that helped prevent him from actually stealing anything was the lack of understanding. After all, the confusion on the faces of some may have been enough to spur on those that subdued him.

Of course, the first thing that we have to look at to prove that maybe this crook didn't have the best plan is that he was trying to rob a church during service. Common knowledge alone would expect that he would be looking for fewer witnesses to be present, not as many as possible. The language barrier was just another roadblock in the overall execution.

Besides, it's probably not a great idea to rob any place that might have more than one Jesus.

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