Thursday, May 04, 2006


So it's become a pretty well-known fact that Tom Cruise has completely flipped his waffle, and is now living in some sort of fantasy world. This has been going on for a bit now, what with the whole Katie (oops, sorry, Kate) Holmes thing, the "is-it-staged-or-not" pregnancy, his declarations that he would eat the placenta, his jumping on couches, and his strict adherance to the documents of Scientology (a religion where, even if you get kicked out, you can't stop the mailings).

Well, apparently the state of California is worried that there may be more people that are just as whacked in the head as Tom is. They are currently looking to pass legislation preventing people from repeating one of TC's more lunatic ideas from the recent pregnancy affair.

That's right, folks. In California, it soon may become illegal to own your own home ultrasound machine.

*blink blink*

Seriously? There needs to be legislation for this? You mean the average person isn't automatically going to know that they have no idea how to operate properly an expensive medical device? That there are more people out there who are just as loony as TC and are planning on jumping off of furniture, doing their own sonograms, and then eating placentas?

Of course, this is California we're talking about. Any state that holds that many celebrities may truly have something in the water affecting logical and sound thinking. And yes, I'm looking at John Travolta and Isaac Hayes as being co-conspirators.

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