Monday, May 22, 2006

Pulling hair

Sometimes, there's just a story that's too good to pass up. As of late, a lot of those stories have been directed in some way towards our government, be it the bribery scandals, or the administration, or the new Snow-job moving into the Press Sec'y position.

And sometimes, it's what has to be one of the sissiest fights ever.

Apparently, at Rosario Dawson's recent birthday shindig, she invited some luminaries (of course she did... she's a celebrity, and we all know celebrities don't hang around normal people). The gathering featured rock stars, has-beens, and fashion designers.

And, in what was quite possibly the highlight of the evening, Tommy Hilfiger and W. Axl Rose got into a fight after W moved Tommy's drink. By all accounts, Hilfiger proceeded to land a number of punches square to Axl's head, including one just under his eye, and was eventually hauled away by his own security.

That's right, folks. A "rock star" got beat up by a fashion designer. Over a drink. This may actually have found a way to surpass Tonya Harding's "boxing" premiere as being the most ridiculous celebrity fight ever. Especially when you learn that Lenny Kravitz (himself no stranger to bizarre instances) sided with Hilfiger, and that Kid Rock (himself no stranger to getting the snot kicked out of him) sided with Rose.

This whole thing has the makings of a VH1/Bravo joint production... "Where Are the Queer Eyes Now?" Either that, or put it on FOX for "When Fashion Designers Attack..."

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