Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Not even one day of rain

The world has been turned completely topsy-turvy.

We've got politicos (KRove, to be specific) announcing that, while GDub's approval may be low, he still has likability on his side. We've got BellSouth refuting claims that they turned over phone records to the NSA like doctors giving lollipops to recently immunized children. We've got CNN being cued to air a speech early, and getting the blame for making the Pres look bad. And, in New York, we've got Julia Roberts getting snubbed for a Tony nomination.

Wait a minute. That last thing actually makes pretty darned good sense. After getting ripped apart by critics for her turn in "Three Days of Rain", it's nice to see that finally SOMEWHERE people realize exactly what type of a hack Ms. Roberts is. She's made a career out of playing herself on screen, and proceeded to beat us over the head with this fact in Ocean's Twelve. And yet, when she tried her hand on the stage, something other silver screeners have done successfully (think Hugh Jackman in Boy from Oz, Matthew Broderick in How to Succeed..., pretty much the entire cast of Spamalot), just about the best compliment she was able to get was that she appeared on stage.

And yet, there is already a bit of a clamor over the fact that she's been passed over for a Tony nomination. Not that she really deserved one, but that the field was so poor overall, that she might just sneak in. To make it worse, it seems like the biggest reason thrown around to give her a nomination was to try and get her to take part in the hosting of the festivities.

So thank goodness that the Tony voters won't have to make the difficult choice between Julia Roberts, who's always been below subpar as an actress, or anyone else that actually got nominated in the category. Maybe it will finally get her completely off of my television, too.

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