Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Get out the vote

Another day, another sampling of stories...

First on the docket for today is the recent news that Arizona is considering offering up a $1M prize. For what, you ask? Why, for voting. In one of the most bizarre attempts to get people to get off their collective behinds and into the polling booths, the state of Arizona is seriously considering offering the prize to one randomly chosen voter, with money coming from a pool of unclaimed lottery winnings. Almost makes you wonder if there will be other prizes offered as well, ranging from a new car all the way down Rice-a-Roni, the San Fransisco treat. Heck, why not offer to all the candidates who lose the races a free copy of the home game?

Second up, and still touching on voting issues, is the notion that Fran Drescher, she of the horrible screeching voice and ginormous hair, announced her hopes to run for public office in New York to Howard Stern. Nevermind the number of dogs that will immediately cringe anytime her campaign commercials come on, or the fact that hearing aids across the Capitol could be blown out by her nasally delivery, she still has a desire to seek either a Senate or House seat. At least there would be no concerns about her carpetbagging into NY to run, unlike some others. Besides, the campaign literature practically writes itself. "Fran promises that, if she doesn't get elected, she'll visit each and every person in the state for dinner." This could be a landslide, folks.

Finally, and this has nothing to do with voting, the hosts of The View are all sorts of pissed-off at the Dixie Chicks. Something about the Chicks deciding that they want to pursue "high-caliber, meaningful gigs", which The View is decidedly not. Of course, the banshees that host The View, are up in arms, declaring that they made the Chicks what they are today, and that the band didn't seem to have problems back in 1998. Nevermind that in the past 8 years, the Chicks have put together one heck of an impressive following (even some cross-over fans), lambasted the Bush administration, and decided to remain political with their newest CD with songs like "Not Ready to Make Nice". Yeah, they're perfect for The View. Maybe the Chicks are just worried that Rosie could do something vile to them during a commercial break. Like talk about Tom Cruise.

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