Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Keep it in the family

So GDub has made it known that he's such a great decider, he's decided who he thinks would be a good President.

Our Grand Poobah's belief? Let's give it up for Jeb Bush.

Really, this has to come as no surprise to pretty much anyone. After all, it's been well-documented how the two Bush boys get along with each other, and, with a career as a politician, it's not like Jeb is really suited to working in the private sector. Nevermind that the backlash against the Bush name is almost strong enough for people to rewrite history to demonize the FIRST Bush presidency. It also helps that Jeb is finishing his final term as governor of Florida, due to term limits, and therefore is open and searching for something new to occupy his time.

Possibly the scariest thing of all is that, even though it would be basically confirming the Presidential dynasty, and keeping the status quo relatively even, Jeb could actually end up being a relatively decent Chief, and easily the best Bush to rest his boots in the Oval Office (if you ignore GDub's daughters, who really only have looks on their side). Why am I already willing to surmise such things?

Jeb has stated in the past that he doesn't want the Presidency.

Seems I heard somewhere a while back that the folks you want to vote for are the one's who aren't crazy enough to run.

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