Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Can Kuwait come out and play?

GDub recently held a press conference talking about energy, and the US reliance on foreign oil. The Decider seems to believe that the biggest problem facing the US economy (which is booming, according to the GOP) is that we're too dependent on satisfying our energy needs with materials from other countries. Of course, he discredits the notion that inflation has outpaced paychecks, and that costs in general such as health care and energy have risen to ridiculous levels when compared to income.

The President is confident that improved technology, ranging from batteries to ethanol, will help minimize the American dependence on places such as the Middle East. Glaringly missing is the notion of enforcing new standards for fuel economy, standards that could reflect the fact that technology has progressed since the last time they were set down in stone. Of course, the most memorable quote from GDub's speech is, "The problem is we get oil from some parts of the world and they simply don't like us."

Hmmm.. is it possible that they don't like us partially because we've got a misguided child in power, who, rather than being willing to sit down and talk things out, would prefer to simply bomb someone he disagrees with? How can they not like us when we're the staunchest supporter of our own personal ideals, and, as soon as someone (except Israel) stops adhering to those ideals, we send in troops to attack them?

It should also be noted that this speech was given shortly before the President stepped into a Coast Guard simulation room, where his concerns for foreign oil dependence were quickly outpaced by his worry that he might smash the (simulated) boat into the (simulated) wall.

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