Monday, August 27, 2007

Some questions don't need answers

There are times when people will ask questions that they don't want the answers to. There are other times when people ask questions that they already know the answers to. And then, of course, there are rhetorical questions, sitting around being smarmy about their lack of answers.

We're not entirely sure where exactly in the spectrum today's story falls.

After having been friends for a couple of years, James Gilders and Taukiri Christopher Keen had a bit of a falling out over a girl, unsurprisingly. It seems that the friendship soured when Keen suspected that Gilders was sleeping with his girlfriend. Keen decided that the only way to handle the situation was to invite his friend to hang out at an abandoned prison.

Once the two got over the wall, Keen proceeded to stab Gilders, drop a rock on his head twice, and stab him again. After the second stabbing, Keen proceeded to ask if Gilders was dead, to which he received the response, "Not even close, brother". Even more bizarre, the two shook hands before heading on their seperate ways.

Of course, we're wondering just what answer Keen was hoping for. Maybe he was just trying to scare Gilders off of his girl, in which case the rock would've probably sufficed. Maybe he was wondering if Gilders would say "Yep. Dead as dead can be," thereby allowing him to either feel powerful in his vengeance, or upset that his friend was lying to him. Or maybe he was expecting the response to be nothing, informing him that the friendship was well and truly over. Either that, or Keen was really hoping that he hadn't mortally wounded Gilders, although the fact that he forced the bleeding man to make his own way to the hospital brings that into question, too.

To us, this is akin to asking Lindsey Lohan if her career is still alive, or to asking Paris Hilton if she's finished sleeping her way through Los Angeles. You may get an answer, or you may get a blank stare. Either way, you can't really be sure if you've received the answer you were expecting or hoping for. Hell, with these types of confused situations, we can't even begin to guess at what the desired answers could be.

It's almost as frightening to think about as Keanu Reeves in a remake of "The Day The Earth Stood Still".

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