Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Make a splash

Sometimes, people need to relive aspects of their childhood. This could mean venturing to a playground, climbing into a ball pit, or playing in a mud puddle. Most of the time, engaging in these activities will run the risk of smelling urine, and that's about it.

However, a man in Australia decided to go the "extreme" route with his mud puddle dive, as he did it in the middle of a race. Oh, yeah, and he was naked at the time.

Luckily for the man, race organizers were able to stop the competition before the cars returned to the mud, but still, he definitely took an extra dose of stupidity in planning his events for the day. Now normally, an article like this might have escaped our attention completely. What sets this one apart? Why, it's that final sentence.

"Alcohol was believed to be a contributing factor."

Really? Seriously? You think that maybe the person who randomly took off their clothes during a race and then dove into a mud puddle in the middle of the track might have been influenced somewhat by drinking? Honestly, that's like saying that someone stopped at a McDonald's, and then claiming that hunger "was believed to be a contributing factor", or that someone took a shower because of dirt, or a desire to be clean.

Listen, unless someone is on a combination of more illegal drugs, if they ever decide to throw themselves in the middle of an in-use racetrack, it might just be a good idea to assume that alcohol was involved. Either that, or that they're incredibly stupid, with no regards to self-preservation.

You know, like being a Yankees fan in Boston.

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