Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Here, take it

A man in Iowa had a strange experience last week when he walked into a convenience store. Little did he know that he had chosen a store that had been robbed enough times that the clerk would be panicked about someone holding their hand in their pocket.

So panicked, in fact, that they threw a bag of money at the guy.

But before you start cursing, and wishing that you were the individual, keep in mind that, legally, he still really couldn't take the money. Oh, and he still got arrested. Some days, you get a pile of money thrown at you, and some days you get arrested for public drunkenness. For this guy, both days happened at once.

Of course, we're focused on the clerk, and their reactions. Admittedly, if we were working some place that had been robbed even once, we might be a bit skittish about people who seem suspicious. And, given that the man in question was drunk, we have to assume that he did more than simply walk around with his hand in his pocket. Still, we do have to wonder if our first reaction would be to literally throw money at the guy, or if we'd just run.

Naturally, this story also does fulfill one of the few things to do on a Thursday in Iowa. So someone gets to scratch another one off their bucket list.

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