Friday, July 14, 2006

The American Way

Welcome to another Friday, and another round of shotgunning.

First up, the whole situation revolving around Valerie Plame is about to take an interesting twist, as she and her husband Joseph Wilson have decided to sue "Scooter" Libby, KRove, and VPFudd, amongst others. Basically, the lawsuit is levying attacks against those that outed her for destroying her career simply to further their own aspirations. What the lawsuit should be about is the endangerment of any operation she has ever done, and put at risk the lives of her, her family, and any of her contacts made while working for the CIA. After all, isn't that what the administration is accusing the NYTimes of being guilty of with regards to leaking the financial surveillance information? Better question, especially in light of the Fitzgerald investigation. Isn't suing these guys kind of like the civil case against OJ Simpson?

Secondly, seriously, Israel, stop bombing people. The area is already bad enough, and tensions are high, without you going around and dropping bombs on Lebanon, Palestine, and anywhere else you feel appropriate. No wonder the leader of Hezbollah is calling you out. Of course, maybe you believe that you're in the right, and you may have some valid points. But there should at least be some consideration for global relations, given that most of the world wants a full cease-fire reached. All except for the Imperial Decider, who has kindly asked that there be a curtailing of violence by Israel. Not a full-out stop, but GDub has asked that they Israelis limit the amount of damage they cause. It'd be nice if they interpreted "limit" as prevent, but we all know that's not going to happen.

Finally, in a piece of press that shouldn't really come as much of a surprise, Pete Coors, former Senate candidate and owner of Coors Brewing Company, was arrested. For DUI. True, he wasn't much above Colorado's .08 limit, but he was above it, and was cited properly for it. Doesn't really seem to fit with the flow of "Drink Responsibly", an ad campaign that, in spirit at least, has been promoted by all alcohol producers for quite some time now. Maybe this means that Coors will have a new campaign, with a picture of Pete being pulled over. Run the tagline "Don't Do What We Did." It might sell.

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