Tuesday, July 25, 2006


What do you call it when your public relations people decide to plant a little of their own moralistic views into an announcement about your feelings? If you're the Bush White House, you get that same public relations person to say, "Sorry."

For those that may have missed it, apparently, Tony Snow overstepped his bounds a bit by saying that GDub feels that stem cell research is akin to murder. This was Snowjob's way of explaining why a President who hadn't issued a single veto his entire time in office decided to use that power on a medical issue. But no worries. Snowjob felt just awful about the whole thing.

Here's the real catch, though. Why did Snow apologize? Did he truly feel he'd overstepped his bounds? Well, maybe, but the biggest reason is because he gave Josh Bolten, the WH Chief of Staff, a headache to deal with.

Although one question from the whole debate keeps not getting asked. If we can't use embryonic stem cells because those embryos may one day become a fully grown human, can we use cells from convicts on death row? After all, Texas, where the Great Decider hails from, apparently doesn't hold the same regard for human life once it's been convicted of crimes as they do when said life is barely started, and is stored in freezers.

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