Wednesday, July 19, 2006

By any other name

The battles between Israel and Hezbollah are definitely causing the world to take notice of the region, and the destructive capabilities contained therein. Unfortunately, the people representing the United States seem to be incapable of actually focusing on the Middle East and what's actually happening.

Take, for example, Tony Snow, the White House Press Secretary. First off, when Helen Thomas, whom the Snowjob has bashed heads with before, called into question the US veto of the UN cease-fire resolution, Snow attacked her by thanking her for her "Hezbollah view". Then, in a different press conference, he gets caught in his own double speak, first calling the battle a war, and then quickly correcting himself. It's almost as though Snowjob feels that, if you just refuse to call something what it is, it loses those key properties that make it exactly what it is. We'll try that theory ourselves. For example, I shall stop referring to any debt owed to companies as bills. I'm going to call cigarettes happy fun sticks. And I'm going to call GDub an idiot. Because at least one of these things should still ring true.

But Snow isn't the only member of the press who has a difficult time when referring to the war going on between Israel and its neighbors (lest we forget, they're still attacking Gaza, too). Thankfully, one news source is making sure to call what they see, and they're calling the rest of the news to task on it. Thank you, Jon Stewart.

In other news, it appears that US Airways has decided to start putting ads on their air-sickness bags. Apparently the thinking is that the bags are there, and they may as well get some use (and some financial kick-back) out of them. While not a frequent flier by any means, I'm pretty certain that placing ads on the bags will definitely increase their usage. Maybe come fall I'll jump on an US Airways flight, and fill my Sony brand airsickness bag with some CBS brand egg from my earlier breakfast.

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