Wednesday, July 05, 2006

The right hand

The Valerie Plame incident just keeps getting more and more tangled, and now, we can't be certain exactly what anyone that may or may not be involved knows. Apparently, during an interview with the prosecutors in the case, President Bush admitted that he had specifically instructed VP Cheney to lead an effort to help discredit former ambassador Joseph Wilson. Wilson, of course, is Plame's husband, and was a large opponent of the war in Iraq. So now we have evidence that GDub was willing to do pretty much anything (up to and including potentially illegal activities) to keep opposing viewpoints silenced.

Of course, this shouldn't come as much of a shock when you look at the current administration's record with regards to signing statements and any other suspicious and questionable activity with relation to presidential powers. It also shouldn't come as much of a shock that Bush claims that, while he may have directed Cheney to release classified information, he wasn't aware that Cheney passed the instructions on to "Scooter" Libby, and then Libby leaked it to the press rather than get it declassified and simply announce it to the American people directly.

So let's get this absolutely correct. Libby is indicted for perjury and obstruction of justice. Bush, shortly before the indictment, announced that anyone found guilty of crimes in relation to the leak case would no longer have a place within the administration. We now have evidence that Cheney and Bush were definitely working together (by the Great Decider's own words) to release classified information in what could only be referred to as a leak. Of course, both GDub and Fudd are claiming that they never instructed Plame's name to be leaked, or her status within the CIA, but it's not too hard for one to imagine that, in an effort to discredit someone, casting a suspicious light on their spouse might not be all that bad of a way to do it.

And what will come out of this whole thing? Well, if the past six years have shown us anything, the answer is absolutely nothing. Truth be told, it wouldn't be surprising to see pardons come down on high as soon as the investigation is over and all indictments have been handed out. Worked for Nixon, after all. And to think, a decade ago the country impeached a President for what amounts to being an incorrigable lecher, but there's absolutely nothing being done regarding a President who has made his term of office one that violates and suspends civil rights in order to increase his own power.

Of course, for those that believe 2008 can't come fast enough, realize that a lot of the GOP is looking to Jeb Bush as a potential running mate for their candidates, thus (potentially) prolonging the legacy. True, he's often referred to as the smarter of the two Bush brothers, but how hard can that be when GDub has the IQ of steamed beets?

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