Monday, November 13, 2006

A new crop of guitar heroes

No, I'm not talking about the video game, or the sequel the video game. I'm talking about the newest development coming out of Australia that will help people achieve their ultimate dreams of being able to rock out to the sounds of Journey or Boston without having to spend time or money on those pesky guitars.

That's right, folks. For those that remember fondly the days of playing air guitar and making up the sounds in your head, Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO) of Australia has the shirt for you. Those wacky Australian scientists have actually taken the time and energy to develop the perfect shirt for air guitarists, with sensors built into the fabric to help create those sounds that you've been assuming you'd been making.

This could be a great benefit for the musical world, as there may be untapped talent that couldn't wrap their hands or minds aroung actual instruments. This could also allow those with the ability to play the instruments a new freedom in composition, as the lack of a bulky guitar could free them up to make and experiment with new sounds that they might not otherwise have been able to create.

This could also be a tremendous downfall for civilization as a whole. After all, all we really need to prove just how bad of an idea this shirt could be is one college party, where three different people are wearing the clothes. Three different inept, drunken students, playing air guitar with their magic sound-producing fabrics could cause a riot of small proportions to break out amongst the gathered throng, as they cacophony smashes against their skulls without any perceptible rhythm.

At least, until the advent of the air drums shirt. And even then, it'll be better than having to hear the same Limp Bizkit CD blaring over and over again all night long.

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