Tuesday, November 14, 2006

They need to talk

It happens in the vast majority of good relationships. Eventually, things turn sour, and there is a difference of views on a certain key point. For some couples, the conversations turn sour with the subject of marriage. For others, problems arise when one person hogs too much of the television viewing schedule. And for still others, it all comes down to how the neighbors should be treated.

It appears that the third option listed above is starting to pave the way for GDub and his heterosexual foreign ally Tony Blair to finally need to start opening the lines of communication with each other. After all, if they can't talk and work out their differences, a break-up is imminent, and it would leave Iran as the other woman.

See, GDub firmly believes that Iran is not going to pay attention to what the world (translation: his office) has been telling it, and therefore believes that isolation is the course to follow. Blair, on the other hand, thinks that you can do more with honey than with vinegar, and thinks it might be time to start thinking of partnering up with the Iranian government to achieve a peaceful resolution. It's the international equivalent of Blair coming home with lipstick on his collar.

If these two world leaders can't reach an agreement on Iran, who knows what could be next? GDub was theoretically making some headway in getting Blair to recognize the term "soccer", and Blair had moved forward, getting The Decider to use a napkin at the dinner table. But this potential affair with Iran could destroy the almost marital bliss that the United States and Great Britain have shared for the past six years.

It's time for the Americans and the British to stand up, and get our parents to stop fighting. We love them both equally, and we don't want to see this end up with a divorce. Hopefully they can work through their issues with counseling, and we can all move forward to a happy Thanksgiving dinner. But hey, if things continue to fall apart, we can rest a little easier, knowing the GDub's own political mistress achieved reelection. If it wasn't for Joe Lieberman, GDub would be spending nights eating pint after pint of Chubby Hubby, crying into his pillow, and waiting for Israel to return his calls.

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