Thursday, April 12, 2007

So it's not an afternoon delight, eh?

If there's one thing we know about Nova Scotia, it's, um... lemme see... um... it's tiny compared to the rest of Canada. And, given that it's part of Canada, we're pretty sure that they like their hockey there. Naturally, one thing you don't want to do is anger a bunch of Nova Scotians about their favorite sport.

So naturally, when the NHL decided to schedule a Pittsburgh-Ottawa playoff game for Saturday afternoon on NBC, instead of throwing it to CBC and Hockey Night in Canada, what was left for the small Canadian province to do? Well, this wouldn't be our current world if there wasn't legislation being endorsed by Nova Scotia that will chastise the NHL for their programming decision. After all, the Penguins happen to feature Sidney Crosby, who is a Nova Scotia native, and darned if you can upset those tiny Canadians from their dinner hour to watch a native son.

And yes, we're being serious about this. A sport that is well-known for violence, and has specific penalties assessed for fighting (that's a five-minute major, for those that aren't playing at home), is about to have it's league chastised for a programming decision. Well, Nova Scotia, we certainly hope that you're proud of yourselves, and that Ontario doesn't look down on you too much. You know, for fear of also being chastised.

This is hockey we're talking about. If you have an issue with the way a decision was handled by the league, well, lace up your skates, get a stick in your hands, and challenge some of the higher-ups to a pick-up game. Take your best spectators and pit them against the commissioner and his croneys. And then, midway through the second period of your pond game, drop the gloves and teach them what it's like to mess with Nova Scotia.

Of course, there are others who would rather the game be played at night, with a justifiable fear that the afternoon timeslot (when Americans watch their sports) could cost the league up to a million viewers. But getting your politicians to chastise the NHL for their decision? Especially with big NBC dollars backing up their choice? That's worse than letting Todd Bertuzzi play another game. It's worse than creating a team due to an alright Emilio Estevez movie.

Heck, it's worse than making Slapshot 2.

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