Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Vacation is for closers

It seems like only a year ago where we had a Congress that spent so little time in Washington, D.C., that they were dubbed the "Do-Nothing Congress". Thankfully, since that time, our elected officials have been held to a higher standard, including, but not limited to, a five-day work week.

Wait... it was just last year? And that much flaunted five-day work week hasn't really panned out as of yet? Hmm... it's almost as though people will say whatever they want to get themselves elected, even if it means claiming that they will change from the way things were done in the past, all while merely intending on holding the status quo.

Thankfully, we have a President who is willing to take these lackadaisical legislators to task. With GDub, he isn't afraid to tell them that, "They need to come off their vacation, get a bill to my desk, and if it's got strings and mandates and withdrawals and pork I'll veto it." After all, nothing will bring people back from time out of the office by letting them know that anything they attempt to push through will simply be destroyed.

What's that? This is coming from a President who has spent more time away from the business of running the country than any previous President? These are the words being spoken by the man who took an extended vacation (that he simply couldn't pry himself away from) during the disaster of Hurricane Katrina? Well, sure, but that was the old GDub. The new Decider isn't going to let a little thing like vacation stand in the way of his getting the funding he feels the troops need.

Huh? You don't say. He's going on a vacation of his own, for an extended Easter break? So even if Congress would report back to work immediately as he requested, there's little chance of anything being done for at least another week? Well that's just odd. We were fairly certain that when GDub reversed his course from his first six years during the most recent State of the Union, we were about to see a more dedicated Bush. One that would listen to the people, and not make demands when he himself was not willing to follow through on them. And sure, there were more reversals of words during later speeches, but this can't be the same GDub who ran on a platform partially hinged on the notion of John Kerry as a "flip-flopper". After all, look at the way he decried Speaker Nancy Pelosi for her trip to visit Syria.

Come again? There were Republicans who had visited Syria not too long ago, and it's only a big deal now because it's the donkeys and not the elephants? More specifically, it's a big deal because it's a trip being conducted by people who don't blindly support the President and his actions? Well, now, that just makes us feel as though the new political climate is no different than the old one that we supposedly left behind through the election of 2006.

Ah well, at this rate, we only have to wait until 2008. After all, with candidates like Romney, McCain, Giuliani, Clinton, Edwards, and Biden, we can hold hope that there will be a new political dawn. After all, these are all part of the fresh face of the American legislator, and, with track records like they have, we can certainly expect changes.

At least until May of 2009.

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