Tuesday, September 11, 2007

You can check in any time you like

Maybe they just really liked the lyrics to "Hotel California". Maybe they fell in love with the continental breakfast. Or maybe they're just trying to set the world's record for most TripRewards points.

But when David and Jean Davidson invite you over to visit, you may want to ask reception for another chair, or a roll-away cot. The couple has been living in different Travelodge hotels for the last 22 years.

Don't worry that the two have been staying in the same room this entire time. Oh no, in 1997, they decided to move. To a different hotel.

Admittedly, the Davidson's are saving money over moving into a retirement home by continuing to live in the hotel, and they are treated to their own housekeeper, plus a staff that's become a second family. But their original apartment remains empty, and the two have adjusted to life in a hotel, admitting that they have to be pickier about what belongings they decide to keep. Also, to their credit, when they travel, they maintain their loyalty by staying in other Travelodges whenever possible.

And yet, there's something just a little bit off about deciding to move into a hotel, especially when such a decision is made shortly after the death of a family member. And it's not like they moved into a four-star hotel, or hit the opposite end of the spectrum by staying in a dingy motel. They took up residence in a middle-of-the-road comfort lodging environment, and have liked it so much that they've just decided to stay. We're even willing to be that, while it may not be common in other Travelodges, the Davidson's may just get that special treatment of a mint left behind on their pillow as part of the turn-down service.

Of course, when you've lived in a hotel for 22 years, you may get a little tired of mints and staring out the window. Makes you wonder if they start getting free movies on request.

But man. Continental breakfast. That alone could be worth a good couple of months of hotel living.

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