Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Battle for the White House

Today, voters in Pennsylvania are flocking to the polls. Self-professed Democrats are rushing out to support their favorite remaining candidate, while self-professed Republicans are hurrying to cast their votes for the person they feel will lose to McCain the easiest. As for political moderates, well, it's a coin flip for them. This has been a long and incredibly drawn-out nominating process, and we knew it was going to be hard fought.

We had no idea as to exactly how hard. Sure, there were indications during the debates that things might get nasty. We saw signs that things would step towards levels of weirdness with the bowling and the drinking. And even then, we had no idea exactly what would happen. Of course, nobody could possibly have guessed what ended up happening last night, in the final run-up for the primary.

For those of you that have been able to escape seeing the news story, well, we just had to come and share. Why? Because, in a country starving for a certain level of dignity from our elected officials, it was refreshing to see all three candidates willing to step forward and display that dignity.

Wait. Correct that. There was a certain lack of dignity displayed when the candidates made their appeals on Monday Night Raw. Because when we think politics, we think professional wrestling.

Actually, to an extent, we do pair the two concepts together. First off, there are too many times where the scripting is obvious. Secondly, we're aware that heated opponents in front of the cameras can be good friends behind the scenes. And third, people just keep hoping for a champion that they can believe in and root for.

Maybe that's why Jesse Ventura made it where he did in Minnesota. At least the candidates didn't step into the ring, allowing stand-ins to fill in for them. And we can understand trying to appeal to the wrestling-viewing demographic, as they could all use a bit of a push. But we do have to wonder about the willingness to put dignity aside, with the recorded monologues that they gave.

After all, when you look more foolish than the guy filling up an imaginary car, you've definitely got some ground to recover.

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