Thursday, October 09, 2008

Going for a ride

Sometimes, the best ideas turn out to be the worst things to act on. Take, for example, the concept of driving down the street on a riding lawn mower. It seems like harmless fun (unless, of course, you happen to be chasing people down, in which case, the good idea never quite formed). So you jump on the back of the mower and start cruising. It all works out great until the police show up.

Of course, if you happen to be drunk, carrying a flask of whiskey, and towing a case of beer all at the same time as you're travelling on your mower, then you probably couldn't spell "good idea" if someone spotted you everything but the "a".

But that's exactly what a Missouri man tried to do recently. After having been involved in an earlier disturbance, the man apparently went home, filled his flask, deposited the beer on the trailer, and got himself fully loaded before he jumped onto his mower. When he was found by the police, he registered a BAC of over 14 times the legal limit. And, just in case he started being able to see clearly, as you can read above, he made sure to bring plenty of supplies.

It's entirely possible that he had merely decided that he was going to move the entire neighborhood, and also thought that he needed a bit of liquid courage to make it through the ordeal. There's even a chance that he was diverted into the street by an elderly person telling him to get off of their lawn.

Or he was so drunk before he got on the mower that it seemed like the best possible recourse. After all, with that much liquor, he couldn't really walk anywhere.

At least he realized he wasn't safe to drive. Just to cut people's lawns.

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