Thursday, October 16, 2008

Just a quick tuck

First off, we've got a quick update from a previous story we talked about. Remember the legislator who was suing god? Yeah, his case has been thrown out. Turns out it's hard to sue someone who doesn't have a permanent address. Maybe if the man bringing the complaint had "Joe the Plumber" as a character witness, his trial might have seen the light of day.

But moving on from that, we found an article today that scares us a bit. Apparently, people have gotten a little beyond simply looking after their own looks with cosmetic "treatments". In fact, you might want to be careful before agreeing to stand up at someone's wedding. After all, since you're going to be in their photos, they might want you to get Botox.

Scary, right? To think that there's any bride or groom out there who is so concerned about how their pictures look that they would make appointments for their bridal party to get a face lift or other cosmetic surgery done is kind of sad. Sure the article mentions brides doing this to their bridesmaids, but, let's be honest. Thanks to the advent of metrosexuality, men are just as prone to freaking out over appearance and "fixing" it.

Here's our suggestion to making sure the pictures look good. Get a good camera, and put everyone in good colors and fabrics. Then utilize lighting and a professional photographer. Then smile, and accept that people do this little thing called "aging", and that might actually lead to a couple of lines on their faces. After all, it's better to have a few wrinkles than to freeze your face in such a way that you'll never smile again.

If that doesn't work, then hide everyone behind flowers. People love flowers.

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