Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Bringing in the New Year

Well folks, here we are at the beginning of 2007, and we're ready for a full year worth of the little experiment we started in 2006. Sure, we've gotten our legs under us, and we're still adjusting the fast-paced world of blogging, but we're pretty certain we can adjust on the fly as new elements are thrown our way. Heck, we even made our seal a little more visible. Of course, the last week has gotten us to do some serious thinking, as any year end festivity should, and we've realized something. We may have fulfilled our blog-ligation by posting Top Ten lists to round out the year, but we forgot something even more sacred in this modern world.

We forgot to relate our New Year's Resolutions. And, well, we've got resolve. We've got plenty of resolve, both for things that we're going to continue to do and for things that we're hoping to change. But instead of boring you with our resolutions, we're simply going to keep them in our little noggins, pondering them for endless hours, and trusting that you'll be able to guess at our resolutions over the course of the next twelve months, just by reading what we have to offer. Of course, if you can think of anything we should resolve to do, feel free to let us know.

With that, we will quickly point out that, no matter how silly the world may seem, especially to those of us looking for comedy in every aspect of the world, nothing will ever be quite as silly as holding a protest against the coming year. I mean, think about it. Protesting the inevitable march of time as it bears down on you, and then vowing to protest again over (almost) the same subject in one year's time? You could certainly do worse, like protesting against more reality television, or more has-been actors being granted sitcom stardom. Much like time, these things are also inevitable.

But we here at the CSM like to think outside of the box, and instead of focusing on other futile protest possibilities, we want to offer solutions. We want to list possible subjects that you could protest on that would have a higher chance of success. Our suggestions, in no specific order, are as follows;

- Protest about the lack of really good cheese in the cafeteria
- An assembly to protest against people who don't share your preference of shoe
- Protesting to get "Lost" to finally get with the program that made them successful in the first place
- Organizing a protest to get custody of your kids, set to the tune of "Popazao" (warning; suggestion is KFed specific)
- Protesting about the lack of quality protests in your area.

Honestly, the list can go on and on, but we've got signs and placards to make. We'll see you tomorrow, with more news. We hope.

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