Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Just a little get-away

It's common knowledge that, if you're going to rob some place, you're probably not going to want to lurk around the area for too long. Unless, of course, you know that you've got a large window of time, and there's plenty more stuff that you'd like to acquire. Then, of course, there's the old adage about how you don't crap where you sleep.

However, not everyone follows those pieces of advice, as is evidenced by the tale of a couple of robbers who decided that they needed a TV. So they stole it from a hotel storage room and took it with them. All the way to their hotel room, in the same facility.

So let's just do a quick recap, to make sure that we're completely on the same page. Thieves check into hotel. They steal TV from hotel storage and get caught on video. They return to their rooms. Sure, on some levels, it may seem logical. After all, why wouldn't they want to watch the TV within their room? They may have checked into one of the newfangled hotels where TVs are only kept in storage, as opposed to one where they are placed in every room with a glut of pay-per-view channels. Or they may have been really tired from hauling the set, and decided to get some shut-eye before they continued on their voyage.

Still, it probably would have been a good idea for them to, instead of looting the hotel they had checked into, maybe going to a different location. It's not like there aren't a wealth of hotels in most cities, and a fair number of them probably have some sort of storage.

Although, we're also wondering if the arresting officers had goatees. The world may never know.

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