Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Very funny, guys

The University of Sheffield in the United Kingdom has recently done a study to confirm something that we were already willing to believe. No, not that reports about Columbus and syphilis. No, not the resurgence of the plague.

The report confirms that children tend to be afraid of clowns.

In fact, the researchers found that "clowns are universally disliked by children". Of course, plenty of parents were already well aware of the extreme dislike children had for clowns based off of how their own precious darlings react to seeing one, but that hasn't stopped generations of parents from inflicting clowns upon the youngest members of our society.

The concept of frightening clowns seems to be something of a pie in the face to all those who firmly believe that clowns are there to bring joy and laughter to all, and especially to children. And yet, while kids can spend hours upon hours every day watching cartoon characters running around on television, the last thing that many of them want to see is a facsimile of a cartoon tripping over giant shoes or spraying seltzer water.

Of course, even with research like this, parents will continue to subject children to clowns. Part of the thinking may be to pass along the torment that they once received. Part of it may be a belief that clowns will truly help brighten the day of the children. And part of it may stem from a desire to view the antics of the clowns themselves, under the guise of hiring them to entertain the children.

All we know is that we're a lot more comfortable around a Kennedy than we are around a clown. Sure, the noses may be as large and red on both groups, but at least the Kennedy won't drop a whoopee cushion on our chairs.


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