Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Maybe he didn't have a costuming budget

There are few things that will ever seem as strange to do as videotaping yourself breaking into someone's house. Sure, it's a great home movie to show the family down the road, but have people learned nothing from all the kids that have been busted because of videos they posted on MySpace or Facebook? And yet, some people decide to go the extra step, and videotape themselves breaking into someone's home, all while wearing nothing but a thong and a smile.

Of course, with that sort of a wardrobe, there really isn't much of a way of hiding embarrassment, either.

To top it all off, the burglar in our story, who didn't just film himself gaining access, was thwarted in his efforts by the woman living in the house. While he ran away to a nearby group of trees, he left behind a crucial piece of evidence.

No, not the knife he was carrying. And, thankfully, not the thong that he was wearing. He left behind his video camera, which also had some family footage on the end of the tape.

Of course, it's entirely possible that the man wasn't simply trying to videotape himself in the middle of a crime. It could be that he was really an amateur porno director, one who casts themselves in the lead role, and he was hoping that, perhaps, the woman of the house would be a bit more receptive. Otherwise, we can think of little reason to parade around in a thong while training a camera on yourself.

If that was the case, just a quick word of advice for our thwarted assailant. There's a reason that the pizza guy or the repair man are recurring motifs in the industry.

For some reason, dollars never figure into the tip.

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