Monday, September 22, 2008

A simple no

Everyone who's ever thought about asking another person to marry them has been saddled with anxiety over exactly how they want to do the asking, and what the answer might be. Some people mitigate this by creating a cozy, romantic, out-of-the-way location where the askee might be more open to such a suggestion. Others prefer to propose in a large group, hoping that more people around will help assure the answer they hope for. Still others will simply lean over on the couch one night, say, "Hey, do you want to marry me or something?" while proffering a small box.

Actually, maybe that last option we looked at is the reason why a Florida woman ended up arrested after a marriage proposal resulted in a fight. But not just any fight. After all, when knives are thrown, the fight has escalated to a higher level. Maybe it all started because the askee wasn't happy with the method.

Still, it's hard to imagine what could possibly go wrong that would lead to such a fight. Sure, we've all heard stories about wedding parties spending the night in prison for getting a little out of hand. Heck, we've all probably been to a wedding here and there where we're surprised that the police haven't been called. But a proposal? We think that's the first time we've heard of this. Of course, it's possible that someone's sibling was mentioned, or an indiscretion from the past, but even the worst rejection is not something that generally leads to cutlery being tossed.

If only Dane Cook could be here to mock the events, too. Except he'd do it a lot louder, and keep repeating the same jokes (and the word "sangwich") until people laughed.

Oh yeah. And he's been evicted. Oh, poo...

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