Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Vanishing act

First off, we do have to take a moment to remember another of the list of celebrities that have passed on. Mind you, more than a few people have no idea who this person is by name recognition alone, but we know, and we give our thoughts to the family of Don LaFontaine. May Don be introducing movies in the afterlife.

In a world where the police have no partitions between the front and back seats of their squad cars, a lone criminal fought against odds to achieve some measure of freedom. In a time where the police left the car running, the prisoner was able to slip free from the cuffs and get into the driver seat. This past August, a woman was captured, arrested, left alone in a running vehicle, and later found at a crash site. "Police Error", only in Canada.

Yeah, we couldn't help but try and give a little tribute to Don.

Anyways, this story is something we're glad to include. Sure, we love our stories about stupid criminals, but we do believe that, over time, that does cast a bit too harsh of a light on the criminals themselves. Thankfully, every once in awhile, we find a story like this, showing that the police themselves aren't always using the most intelligence that they can scrounge up.

Here's the most shocking thing to us about the whole story, though. Prior to this incident, the police in the region didn't have any regulations about leaving suspects in a running vehicle. You'd think that something like that wouldn't need a specific ruling, as common sense should probably allow you to realize how bad of an idea it could be, but, obviously that isn't always the case.

On the plus side, the woman didn't get far. Although it probably wasn't the first time that she was handcuffed while inebriated.

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