Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Not in the book

We understand that these are tough economic times. We know that it's hard for people to make ends meet, and sometimes, it seems like the best option is to supplement your paychecks with a little discounted shopping. And, by discounted, we mean a 100% discount.

But here's a quick tip if that's a course of action you really feel you need to take. Leave your kids at home.

We know that family time, much like money, is something people just don't have enough of these days. And yet, that doesn't excuse the trip taken by the family mentioned in the article. Especially since it seems that only one parent was really involved in the shoplifting. The other parent could easily have stayed home, watching the little ones and an episode of Dora the Explorer. Of course, we highly doubt that these tips we've included are also part of the book "101 Ways to Be a Great Mom", which was part of the attempted shoplifting loot. In fact, we'd be surprised if there's a section of petty larceny at all in the book.

After all, some authors just don't know how to market to an expanded audience.

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