Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Good luck with that

We have to applaud the French. Yes, it may seem weird, but they've taken some stands in the past that have actually been logical, or at least bold, and they've often done it before many other countries. Just look at the way they deal with Scientology.

Well, now they've turned their gaze on the fashion industry, and specifically on photos of models. Some French legislators would like to see warning labels attached to photos that have been altered. Or, as we like to call it, every photo of a model in existence.

In all honesty, though, the French are more specifically looking at the photos that are changed to present a completely unrealistic body image. With already thin models being turned into even thinner pictures, and a level of unhealthy eating across the planet, it only makes sense. After all, look at the huge outpouring of support when more realistic models are featured. Of course, those realistic models are still thinner than the average person, but because they appear to actually eat, they are considered plus-size, and they aren't often shown on the glossy pages of magazines. Perhaps if more "real" women were featured in these magazine spreads, we might start seeing less of an insistence on people damaging themselves all in the effort to reach a completely impossible silhouette.

Besides, it might not be bad for people to realize that all their favorite stars benefit at least from a little airbrushing. Heaven forbid we find out that the stars occasionally have oily skin and acne.

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