Wednesday, September 02, 2009

You shouldn't have

People will say "You shouldn't have" for many different reasons. Sometimes it's due to a poor gift. Other times, the reason people give is simply due to a really bad idea. And today, we've actually got a number of examples to highlight instances were people really shouldn't have.

Take, for example, the gift of a water heater. Sure, it sounds sweet and fairly thoughtful. Well, at least it sounds that way when you discount the entire "stolen from someone's basement" portion of the transaction.

How do you imagine that exchange went? Do you think that the time was taken to wrap up the water heater? Did the recipient express their joy over receiving a gift that they'd always wanted? On the plus side, the heater hadn't been installed as of yet, so it's not like it was leaking water all over the street, but we're still fairly certain that a gift of something on that level might be met with suspicion. Besides, everyone we know would really rather pick out their own water heater, so that it matches their decor.

So that's one example of something that "shouldn't have" happened. Another example? Blaming the Large Hadron Collider for your sex tape. Of course, this whole situation was made worse by the fact that the involved parties decided to distribute the recording around their school. It probably didn't help that, almost undoubtedly, some of the recipients hadn't had the necessary sex education classes to really make heads or tails of the recording.

Oh yeah. It should also be mentioned that these kids engaged in these recorded sex acts during the school day. Nevermind that we're not even sure that most 13-year-old kids should be able to comprehend the potential disaster that the LHC represented. Obviously these kids are ready for a more adult lesson plan, and they may prove to be remarkable quantum physicists. Just so long as they can keep their clothes on.

There you go. Two examples for you. Just think of it as our little way of trying to make up for the missing days.

We know... we shouldn't have.

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