Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Oh, the shame

What would you do if you tried to rob a store, and encountered a yelling employee. Would you back down? Continue with your plan? Either way, it's fairly safe to say that you probably wouldn't call the police on yourself.

And that's why we love Japan. Stuff like that actually will happen there.

Admittedly, part of the problem for the robber was that the woman yelling at him was much older than him. She also proceeded to ask him what he was doing, which was probably a fair question to ask anyone who plans to rob a store with a stick. The man was so ashamed of his actions that he left empty-handed, wandered a short distance away, and called the police to turn himself in.

Now, it's probably safe to assume that, if something like this had happened in America, we'd be looking at an entirely different story. Not only could we expect that the crook wouldn't have turned themselves in, but they probably wouldn't have been content to leave without even a little money.

Of course, they also probably would have been carrying more than a wooden stick, but that's besides the point. Again, this story makes us love Japan a little more.

At least, until they shoot firecrackers up their nose.

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