Monday, September 14, 2009

What could go wrong?

Sometimes, marketing schemes end up striking on brilliant ideas, without a single potential flaw to the concept. More often, though, something that could cause the whole thing to fall apart could escape notice, and an idea that could offend or cause problems is allowed to sneak through. And then, of course, are the ideas that should never have been greenlit in the first place, but somehow were able to make it past people with a better sense of judgement.

We're speaking today about that third type of idea, specifically as it applies to bars and breathalyzers. One could assume that a bar using such a device might be doing so to make sure that their patrons are able to drive home safely. Not the case for a bar in Newcastle, England, as they're instead using the breathalyzer as a test to see if their customers had enough to drink.

No, seriously, that's the exact reason. Want proof? If you don't get drunk, you get your bar tab refunded to you. While we can sort of admire that kind of dedication to follow through on your job, there are times where the public well-being and overall health of others should probably be seen as being somewhat more important than whether or not you were able to get beyond blitzed. Mind you, there are still plenty of bars that go out of their way to comp anyone who's a designated driver, but those bars aren't actively encouraging people to get drunk enough to possibly win a free night on the town, by registering a higher blood alcohol level than anyone else.

Maybe the customers are just trying to wash away the taste of the food.

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