Thursday, September 10, 2009

A minor reduction

There is a long-standing tradition amongst convicts to ask for reduced sentences or to try and get their parole hearings to happen earlier. This is one of the many things that sets Charles Manson apart from the rest of his compatriots, as he continues to fight against the system that wants to consider releasing him.

Thankfully, there are others willing to pick up the mantle, like the 84-year-old woman serving 100 years in prison for decapitating her husband.

In many ways, a reduced sentence makes sense. After all, the woman has been in prison already for almost thirty of those years, and it's not likely that she's going to be released before her death anyways. So what's the harm in knocking a couple of decades off of the sentence? If the jails are really concerned that she's going to go out and decapitate again, the first thing they could do is keep her from ever seeing a parole board. The second thing, of course, would be to stop providing her calcium and vitamins, and instead let her body deteriorate, but that definitely starts crossing into cruel territory.

Honestly, though, at this point, we see little reason to not allow her to get a reduced sentence. Unless, of course, she's really just been laying in wait, and is preparing to unleash her plan to finally age backwards, like Benjamin Button.

Think of how quickly Hollywood would snatch up the rights to that story.

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