Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A taste for crime

Living in Massachusetts must do strange things to people. How else do you explain the entire Kennedy clan, Red Sox fans, or that whole incident a couple hundred years back with the tea?

More specifically, how do you explain the armed robbery of a hot dog?

No, the crook wasn't stealing from a hot dog, or even from a hot dog stand. He was stealing from a hot dog eater, and what he was interested in was that tasty combination of animal leftovers that we see populate sporting events, school lunches, and jokes about hallways.

Even weirder, the man who stole the hot dog didn't even really get away. Instead, he made a point of "devouring" the hot dog, and making a mess of his shirt with dripping mustard. By doing so, he actually found a way to make the crime even more bizarre than the original combination of hot dog and pellet gun.

It's almost too bad that the guy wasn't carrying a gun loaded like the ones from the movie "Airheads". He could have probably used the tabasco sauce to help power down the hot dog. Or at least he could have totally gotten away with mental incompetence.

At least, he could until he went on to star in a movie about being the Devil's son.

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